Personal Shavers and Trimmers

Personal Shavers (Women And Men)

Personal shavers, also known as intimate shavers or pubic hair shavers, are specially designed to shave your most imtimate parts of your body such as your pussy, penis and testicles. In order to get the best results from your personal shaver, it is a good idea to pick one that is of high quality. 

Our Recommendation is The Body Bare Personal Shaver
The body Bare Shaver is an extremely high qualtiy personal shaver that is designed for women and men.

Body Bare Personal ShaverWhat you Can Expect from the Body Bare Personal Shaver:

Will never cut, nick or bite your skin
Will never leave you with razor burns and ingrown hairs
It's rotary blade has an ultra-fine foil. This means you
will get a very smooth shave
It is one of the only personal shavers that have been
endorsed by several adult film stars including Nina Hartley,
Teri Weigel, Charlie Laine, Taija, KellyFire Steele,
Tara Wild
Extremely safe to use on your most intimate parts of
your body. This includes your testicles too men.

Keep in mind that the bodybare shaver can only be used on trimmed down pubic hair.

There is a special discount when you purchase the Body Bare Personal Shaver and The Feminine Trimmer together. 

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